What makes a good Entrepreneur?

Strengths: I am amiable-tempered-tempered at custody compose in troublesome situations. Custody compose is material when exhibit a office, things may go evil-doing and you may be in some bad predicaments, but it is regularly spirit-supporting to be compose. I affect pretencen my aptitudes of entity compose when inaugurated as a sales associate in 3; as a sales associate in a sensitive phone fund there earn be a lot of fellow-creatures hence in choleric after a while complaints about, or plain unendowed to impel their phones to the repairs, when these situations occur it is regularly imported to obstruct compose consequently the customer is regularly transcribe in a office. To-boot if you are not compose when a customer concludes in and they are choleric, it could favor the office as the customer would not commend the fund, or they would not conclude tail and it is regularly amiable-tempered-tempered to affect true customers. Good-tempered serveance: I earn regularly be where I deficiency to be, if I said I am going to serve or if I am supposed to serve I earn regularly be exhibit, consequently I do not relish to disregard spirit-supporting notification or disregard out and the grasp up delayedr. I’d rather primitive notification than subordinate notification, consequently I comprehend over when heard from the special explaining. Good specialality: I am regularly dogmatic, and felicitous if I am at labor I never affect a dismal situation I do what I affect to do and I relish what I do, I do not do anything that I do not conceive I earn relish. I do all I affect to, to the best of my force’s; never half hearted. Customers charity me consequently I charity to get to distinguish new fellow-creatures, inaugurated in a phone job it is material to get to distinguish the customer so you can afford them after a while a phone that earn retainers them best. I’m regularly smiling, do not obstruct grudges and can never be choleric for crave opportunity. I conceive this would frame me a amiable-tempered-tempered entrepreneur consequently whatever I am hit after a while I never stop on it I get up and progress on The force to labor as deal-out of a team as polite as on my own Weakness: Organisation I am not very amiable-tempered-tempered at organisation; I do not pur-pose forward precedently opportunity or obstruct things that I conceive I may deficiency in the coming. I deficiency to labor on custody all material documents conjointly so when I deficiency them it is not impenetrtalented to converge, to-boot I deficiency to be talented to pur-pose forward, set myself a pur-pose or a opportunity ttalented so that I can do things often then doing things all confused up and not recollecting what I affect to do and what I affect effected. Punctuality My punctuality is not as amiable-tempered-tempered as my serveance, I regularly frame trusting I’m there but sometimes due to my bad organisation I earn end up exhibit delayed consequently I affect not organised, what I deficiencyed for the waking, the shade precedently. I am amiable-tempered-tempered and at estimating what opportunity I deficiency to permission to get to somewhere on opportunity. Management aptitudes I affect not git abundantly superintendence aptitudes, I am talented to administer a assemblage nevertheless I do not conceive I am deceased or organised ample to wield a entire team. As managing a entire deficiency is a lot or balancing part, after a while I would deficiency over test to do. I.T aptitudes I to-boot deficiency over test and over trailing in IT Skills, ask they are amiable-tempered-tempered but nor palliable, it is amiable-tempered-tempered to affect I.T aptitudes as the worlds technology is advancing and early anything earn be electrical, so if my aptitudes are very amiable-tempered-tempered now, I can be acquirements as technology advances, so that I earn not be exceedingly subsequently. Opportunities for fruit: Interrogation for acceleration Asking for acceleration could acceleration me perfectly a lot consequently I affect a lot of fellow-creatures environing me at all opportunitys, so interrogation for acceleration after a while all the things I am bad at could hopefully, counsel me how to do things ameliorate and get me into a order. Despatches things down Also for fruit I could prepare to transcribe things down over in a diary, and then I can recollect things over and distinguish where things are. When despatches things down it frames anything over causative and you earn regularly affect sign to go tail to and pretence local determinations. As an entrepreneur it amiable-tempered-tempered to recollect determinations when you afloat a new proposal, what day your new fund arrives etc. Training To correct my superintendence and I.T aptitudes I earn deficiency some trailing and test, as I.T aptitudes you affect to understand consequently there is a lot to computing, and technology is decent, so it is ggod to be updetermination after a while I.T skills. To-boot as I am going to be exhibit my own office I deficiency to understand how to wield a larger assemblage of fellow-creatures, larger totality of capital and documents. Mentor A mentor earn be a lot of acceleration, someone who is older than me that can impart me some tips on how to run a and wield a office, someone that can patronage you and counsel you what to do and what not to do, as they affect had test and trailing to do this. Threats- New technology As technology is advancing all the opportunity, and to cling up to determination after a while all the indispenscogent technology, a lot of capital deficiencys to be elapsed, plain starting up the office I would deficiency to buy a lot of technology, such as computers for the tills, CCTV cameras, TV screens and iPads for inducement and bargaining. Competition Another browbeating is my rivalry, big funds worldwide such as JD Sport, Footlocker and Schuh as they are abundantly bigger funds and over distinguishn to the generally-known, those situates earn be the leading precious, nevertheless our fund earn entreat to over matchless beings. Recession A recession is a very big browbeating consequently if there is a recession, then the prices earn affect to go up and the customers earn converge it troublesome to do some fundping, employers could plain ask-for a preferable allowance due to prices of anything else going out. Personal fruit pur-pose Skills: The force to do a true job polite, notforce that is understandt to perfectness after a while a lot of habit. Attributes: A peculiarity, sign or characteristics of celebrity or notability, it is not notforce you execute. Skills I deficiency to wield my office properly Type of aptitude Why is this appropriate to the office? Are you fitted in this aptitude? Yes/No Explain why? How can I hint to expand this aptitude Good CommunicationGood despatch is very material in a office, as you earn deficiency to disorder to the customers, to converge out what they relish and deficiency when doing bargain exploration. When a office has amiable-tempered-tempered customer services customers all affect relishly obligated to conclude tail consequently the get treated so polite, ameliorate that our rivalry, despatch aptitudes is not singly imported after a while consumers but to-boot after a while the staff, amiable-tempered-tempered despatch after a while your staff earn frame the office stream very polite; a staff earn be over dependence in what they do consequently there has been an recognized comprehending, Yes More test can expand these aptitudes, over contiguity after a while customers in a labor situate earn defiantly repair my despatch aptitudes Presenting Skills The force to exhibit an proposal to a assemblage of fellow-creatures is very material it can catch you from a insignificant office to a worldwide office so it is material not on to affect amiable-tempered-tempered exhibiting aptitudes but to affect amiable-tempered-tempered unassuming aptitudes to-boot. Yes Management Skills Management aptitudes are appropriate in a office, are I am going to be the wieldr of the office I deficiency to be talented to run he office to victory. I to-boot deficiency to distinguish how to organise a office, employ fellow-creatures and frame the fit decisions and when he evil-doing decisions are made how to cure and get ameliorate. No, consequently I affect never been a wieldr, hover I affect been a team administerer so I equitefficient deficiency over trailing and test. Training, Test and Mentoring, all these things earn acceleration me to beconclude a ameliorate manger. Book-custody and representationancy This is appropriate to run my office, as I deficiency to obstruct trace of anything that is going on in the office, so that there is regularly sign, to-boot representationing aptitudes are appropriate equitefficient to frame trusting that anything is exhibit polite in the office and not relative on an representationant, which is a lot of specie waste, and plain if an representation is employd it is regularly amiable-tempered-tempered to double check. No, as I am not used to compass custody, to-boot I affect singly equitefficient afloat an representationing order and deficiency over distinguishledge in that question. Read over financial compasss, and get used to despatches things down in a diary all the opportunity. Attributes I deficiency to wield my office properly Type of sign Why is this appropriate to the office? Are you fitted in this sign? Yes/No Explain why? How can I hint to expand this sign Good specialality A amiable-tempered-tempered specialality is one of my best signs I affect a dogmatic situation in anything I do, I am never privative is anything that I do, never confirm want and never impart up, do anything to the best of my force. Yes Always obstruct a dogmatic opinion and regularly obstruct organised, do not let things overload, store up and importance out Commitment This is material consequently it is never amiable-tempered-tempered to impart up, regularly impart 100% in exhibit a office, and impart all opportunity and consecration to frame it labor. Impart anything you deficiency to frame it labor, if it fails try frequently, affect a lot of permanence and put in a lot of impenetrtalented labor, to frame your office victoryful. Yes Balancing Responsibilities Being talented to do this earn obstruct the office exhibit smoothly and custody anything on trace, balancing responsibilities I earn be talented to affect a specialal spirit abroad from my history spirit and be talented to anxiety of them twain and not one over consideration than the other. No, consequently I’m not very amiable-tempered-tempered a balancing my priorities Lean to converge deadlines and distinguish when it’s opportunity to labor and denote. Confidence It is material to be sanguine when exhibit a office, as powerful decisions deficiency to be made and if there is no dependence the decisions earn not be made. Dependence is deficiencyed to exhibit polite and to frame changes in the office, No, I am not used to be up in front of big crowds Do over trailing in administerership, and aim for preferable roles such as systematize moderator or sin moderator.